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Teresa Fan - Director

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Teresa Fan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Louisville


Areas of Research Interest:

  •      Stress metabolism and contaminant biotransformation by organisms in response to natural stresses and anthropogenic pollution
  •      Use of metabolomics and proteomics for probing environmental stress metabolism and adaptation
  •      Roles of primary producers metabolism in biogeochemical cycling, ecotoxicology, and in situ bioremediation
  •      Functions of natural organic matters in contaminant bioavailability, transport, and remediation

In collaboration with Dr. Andrew Lane (the Brown Cancer Center, University of Louisville) and Dr. Richard Higashi at the University of California, Davis, our research is in the area of environmental biochemistry with emphasis on pollutant transformations, molecular toxic mechanism(s), and bioremediation. We apply a variety of bioanalytical approaches, including metabolomics by NMR, GC-MS, and FTIR as well as proteomics by 2-D gel electrophoresis and LC-tandem MS to investigate the following problems: 1) Selenium biotransformations and selenoprotein regulation in relation to toxicity in embryonic development and cancinogenesis. 2) Induction and structure characterization of biogenic chelators, their interaction with heavy metals, and application to metal bioavailability and in situ bioremediation.

Partial list of Metabolomics Publications:

"Metabolite Profiling by One and Two-Dimensional NMR Analysis of Complex Mixtures", T.W.-M. Fan, Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, 28, 161-219 (1996).

“Biotransformations of Selenium Oxyanion by Filamentous Cyanophyte-Dominated Mat Cultured from Agricultural Drainage Waters”, T.W.-M.Fan, R.M. Higashi, and A.N. Lane, Environmental Science and Technology 32, 3185-3193 (1998).

“NMR in the Plant-Soil Environment”, T.W.-M. Fan and A.N. Lane, Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, Ed. R.A. Meyers, John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, p4092-4108 (2000).

“Chemical Characterization of a Chelator-Treated Soil Humate by Solution-State Multinuclear Two-Dimensional NMR with FTIR and Pyrolysis-GCMS”, Fan, T. W.-M., R. M. Higashi and A. N. Lanes, Environmental Science and Technology 34, 1636-1646 (2000).

“Comprehensive chemical profiling of gramineous plant root exudates using high-resolution NMR and MS”. Fan, T.W.-M, Lane, A.N., Shenker, M., Bartley, J.P., Crowley, D. and Higashi, R.M. Phytochemistry 57, 209-221 (2001).



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