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Mass Spectrometry Facility Instrumentation

Mass Spectrometry Facility


The Center Mass Spectrometry Facility houses a unique combination of mass spectrometers that can be harnessed to implement various analytical projects, typically is capable of achieving atom-resolved biochemical analysis of metabolite isotopologues, in both qualitative and quantitative profiles. Due to the analytical power of each MS, plus the extremely wide range of applications represented by the combination, many problems outside of metabolomics can also be addressed.


Tandem MS-filtered Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer (7.0 Tesla) (MS-FTICR-MSn)

The MS-FT-MSn system provides high resolution analyses for complex microcosmic structure identification and quantification of a wide range of small molecules and proteins, including identification of metabolite isotopologue distributions via ultra-high resolution and mass accuracy.


Linear ion trap mass spectrometer (LTQ)

The LTQTM system can be used alone or in combination with FTICR-MS. It is a reliable tool for structural identification and quantification in complex matrices.


Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS)

The ICP-MS system can be used to determine the elemental composition of metal(loid)-containing metabolites and macromolecules such as proteins.


Liquid chromatography- ion trap mass spectrometer (LC-IT-MSn)

The LC-MS system is the workhorse ion trap mass spectrometer for routine compound and peptide digests identification and quantification with advantages of ease of use, cost-effectiveness and high productivity with LC-MS/MS capabilities.


Isotope ratio-mass spectrometer (ir-MS)

The isotope ratio mass spectrometer combines highest sensitivity with excellent linearity and stability to provide ultrahigh precision isotope ratio mass spectra capable of detecting subtle natural-abundance shifts. It is typically used to trace metabolic fate of isotopically labeled precursors.


Gas chromatography-ion trap mass spectrometer (GC-IT-MSn)

The ion trap GC-MS system options enhance sensitivity and performance in the tough sample matrices, and offer rugged, affordable GC/MS and GC/MSn features for routine qualitative and quantitative analyses.



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